At Masvee our aim is to elevate your experience of visiting Sindhudurg to a whole new level!

Often we travel to a new place and are not aware of the local culture, food and all the beautiful hidden spots it has to offer.

We have carefully selected a handful properties which promise to deliver most of these regional experiences.

From Beach to Mountains, from Rivers to Lakes, from Mango Farms to Ancient Temples, we have it all covered!

Imagine spending whole day on the beach and not having to worry to get back home, waking to the sound of birds chirping, getting hands on experience of living and working in a mango farm, catching your own fish and grilling it, sharing stories with your friends sitting around a camp fire, sleeping under a beautiful starry night sky...sounds great, doesn't it!

You can now enjoy all this and much more without having to compromise your work as we take care of all your work needs.

Located at the southern tip of Maharashtra, Sindhudurg has always been a serene coastal beauty.

The word 'Sindhudurg' derived from the famous 'Sindhudurg Fort' stands for 'fort of the sea'.

Sindhudurg has numerous pristine beaches, each having its own unique features, yet untouched by the booming tourism industry.

Beaches, Forests, Mountains, Historic Forts (Sindhudurg & Vijaydurg Fort) & Temples (Kunkeshwar & Anganewadi), Huge Waterfalls, Lakes, Rivers, Wildlife Sanctuaries & Trekking spots, it has everything any nature lover would ask for.

Such variety makes Sindhudurg a must visit destination in all seasons!